Introduction to Psychodynamic Theory & Practice: The six major psychoanalytic theorists

5th March 2024 – 16th July 2024 by Dr. Robin Chester

These online seminars are a 20 week gentle introduction to psychoanalytic theories.  These seminars are for anybody who has an interest in understanding the psychodynamic theories about the mind and the therapies that have evolved from these. They would be particularly helpful to psychiatry trainees and those in the helping professions who need a more psychodynamic focus.  The 6 theorists introduced in this seminars are Freud, Klein, Lacan, Bion, Winnicott, and Jung. Last day for registration and payment is 25th February 2024. Flyer Application Form

Management of borderline patients in Crisis

12th April 2024 – 14th June 2024 by Dr. Shanthi Saha

This seminar is aimed at developing psychotherapeutic intervention to de- escalate suicidal behaviours and crisis presentation of borderline patients. This intervention is based on a psychodynamic formulation of the presentation. These clinical discussions require participants to bring one verbatim session of an interview with a borderline patient. This seminar would particularly suit psychiatry registrars, psychiatrists and senior clinicians working in the emergency department or dealing with such patients in crisis. Flyer Application Form  

Theories in Psychoanalysis

– Applications are closed as the group is now full –

A 32 week theoretical course in 2022 on psychoanalytic theorists and psychotherapeutic technique. The  course  will  examine key psychoanalytic theories, concepts and technique in detail and  places  these  concepts in  context. Readings  and clinical discussions are part of the syllabus and will encompass Melanie Klein, Sigmund Freud and Donald Winnicott. This course will be run online, weekly in the early evening, via Zoom and thus provides an exceptional opportunity to be taught by experienced international psychoanalysts from a wide range of backgrounds. See the flyer  for more details. Flyer  

Infant Observation

June 2021 – June 2022 by Pina Antinucci (British Psychoanalytic Society)

Infant observation is  a one year course providing the opportunity for direct observation and discussion of human development.  The participant will observe that family with the newborn baby once a week for one hour over the period of one year. Weekly evening seminars facilitate discussion, understanding and reflection on these observations. The course will place these observations, using selected readings at times, within the wider context of psychoanalytic theory. Flyer

Understanding the difficult to reach patient

7th April 2021 – 15th September 2021 with a 1 month break in August by Pina Antinucci (British Psychoanalytic Society)

These seminars are to provide a psychoanalytic understanding for therapists working in any modality. These online clinical seminars will comprise of a detailed clinical discussion followed by a brief discussion of an allocated article. The clinical discussion requires participants to bring one verbatim session of a patient they are finding difficulty working with. The particular type of therapy that is being carried out with the patient is not the focus. Flyer Application Form

Introduction to the five major psychoanalytic theorists

2nd February – 6th April 2021 (break till 4th May) 11th May – 13th July 2021 by Dr. Robin Chester & Dr. Shanthi Saha

These seminars are a gentle introduction to psychoanalytic theories. They would be particularly helpful to psychiatry trainees for the psychotherapy written case. The first hour is a theory seminar led by Dr. Robin Chester, followed by a half hour psychodynamic case formulation of a clinical case brought by participants, led by Dr. Shanthi Saha. Flyer Application Form


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Details of Program Dr Gil Anaf, Dr Shanthi Saha, Dr Robin Chester, Ms Sonia Selvasingam


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Kay Souter – Public Lecture 

“When everything seems double” Psychoanalysis, gender and text

Psychoanalysis, literary studies and gender have a long, entwined and often uneasy history. It has been argued that much psychoanalysis, at least as written, has had a literary base since Studies in Hysteria; and likewise that literature has always been fundamentally concerned with  the unconscious, ’how mind reformulates the real” (Peter Brooks). In thinking about mind, identity, the interpersonal, the literary provides, as it did for Freud and many who came after him, a proving ground, a stable artefact to help think about the interpersonal storms of the here-and-now. Can literature help to unravel, or at least contemplate, some of the puzzles of gender, sexuality, identity and what might this look like in psychoanalytic theory? See the flyer below for details: 

  Flyer – Public Lecture